Final Project Concept – NeoPixel Night Light


My final project is a NeoPixel Night Light with Bluetooth control.

Night light using LEDs are energy efficient, safer and

produce significantly less heat than incandescent bulbs,

this has design pattern customize on its pentagon panels.

Using a Bluetooth module to control illumination making

objects in a dark room recognizable, especially providing

comfort to kids.


5 main components used in this project…

1. An ATmega328 microcontroller board to control the operation of NeoPixel LEDs.

2. A NeoPixel strip for generating different color lights.

3. A Bluetooth module to control the illumination of NeoPixel LEDs.

4. A MT3608 DC-DC Boost Converter regulate a 5 volts output from a Lithium ion cell.

5. Pentagon panels with design pattern.


Diagram of LEDs night light with Bluetooth speaker control


For my final project, I will...

1. create 2D and 3D CAD drawings for this project.

2. 3D print mounting blocks, core support and a box for the PCBs, NeoPixel strip, lighting panels and a battery.

3. design and laser cut the lighting panels.

4. design and fabricate a microcontroller board for my NeoPixel strip.

5. program the fabricated microcontroller board to control my NeoPixel strip.