Final Project

The details of the concept can be seen HERE.

Here's the overview of my initial idea.


Drinking tea is an enjoyable experience by many. It can recharge you during the day or relax you at the night.
To achieve the best experience and to get the most active ingredients out of the tea, the tea must be prepared in certain manner and different types of tea leaves requires different steps and/or conditions.
The process to get the active ingredients out of the tea leaves is called extraction, or in the context of the tea preparation it is called brewing/steeping.
The articles below show the importance of tea preparation to get the best out of it:

The type of tea, time and temperature seem to be the most important aspects of steeping process.
Below are some guidelines from for the best steep time and temperature for various types of tea leaves.

For an ordinary person like me that like to drink tea but have no knowledge on the tea preparation, the guidelines mentioned in the above articles seem tedious.
Hence the needs that I want to tackle is “I need my tea to be prepared conveniently to achieve the best tea drinking experience
To tackle this need, I propose to design and build an automatic tea brewer.
Below is the simple schematic drawing of the automatic tea brewer.


The design concept I proposed here will make the tea preparation a more convenient and enjoyable for the user despite not having the knowledge of the art of preparing tea.
There are 3 main parts of this automatic tea brewer:
1. The mechanism for up and down movement of the tea bag/tea leaves.
2. The Temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of the water in the pot and the display to indicate the temperature.
3. The app (Android/iOS) connected via bluetooth for setting the duration of the brewing according to the type of tea used.

In brief, this is how the parts will work as one integrated system.
The automatic tea brewer will monitor the temperature of the water and indicate the temperature to the user via the display or via an app that is connected using bluetooth.
By measuring and showing the temperature, the user will know the exact temperature of the water.
Second there will be a mechanism where the tea in the form of tea bag or tea leaves put into filter that will move up and down inside the hot water. This up and down movement will enhance the extraction process and also to accelerate the difusion of the active ingredients into the water.
The duration of the up and down movement is set by the user via the app. This duration is the brewing time as suggested by tea expert.


There are many companies that make automatic tea brewer, but the closest product to my concept is made by Breville with a TRADEMARK the TEA MAKER.

Below are video demonstrations of the Breville tea maker:

These automatic tea brewer products from Brenville also has the 3 parts that my concept has. But instead of using app, the input and ouput is done through the control panel display. On top of that they come with heating/boiling function of water which I don't include in my proposal.
I am relatively new to electronics and the risk of working with 220/110 V power source is quite daunting, that is why the heating/boiling function in my concept is not included in the project. I might want to include it in the future once I become more confortable working with electronics.