Starting my final project

First porposal

Quentino is a device which kids can play with their imagination and learn through tales. It is small, portable and has a smooth texture and kids as Young as 3 years old can manage it by themselves. Quentino has multi-optional stories so that children can interact and choose the way that the tales end. It has a microphone built in, which gives the user the ability to decide many options between characters, enviroments or objects which show up in the story. It has a projector that shows colorful figures and shapes to stimulate the imagination of the user. Quentino can be used with headphones or with the already built-in loudspeaker to start the story-telling. This is an opportunity to promote imagination and concentration, improve speaking abilities and vocabulary, developing autonomy and decision-based learning.

First week

and practices

This January 27th we started our Fab Academy 2021 programme, I think this first class was very interesting because we could learn about what is digital fabrication and what is a fab lab. When I discovered fab labs at 2019 I remember that I didn't understand what I could do in this place, first of all I didn’t know how to operate the machines because I’d never seen that kind of machines before, except the laser cutting because I used it to cut my pieces to build academic models at my university but I'd never operated the machine by myself. I really like the phylosophy about "do it yourself" and "do it together".

This wednesday I learned many new things, one of the ways to know how much do you learn is practicing so I was exploring about all the concepts since the first class.

Our first class

General concepts

- Fab Labs: A space where you can make almost anything.
- Digital fabrication: A set of integrated processes through which a product is made from the design and modeling of the object in CAD software. Its analysis in a CAE program, the simulation of the manufacturing process in CAM packages and the manufacture of the product by a team.
- What is in a fab lab?: Laser cutter, 3D printing, vinil cutter, composites, electronics, precision machines, molding and casting and the most important thing, there are people with many ideas and desires to do something.
- 3D Design Software: Program where you can design your products or any idea that you want to do, you need to use a computer and internet, some of them are online.
- Digital revolution: It is defined by advancements in technology that made it possible to move from mechanical and analog platforms to digital platforms for distributing information.

My final project

I'm still working on my final idea but I want to introduce you my first porposal. Today one of the challenges is balancing the use of screens in excess, children need to develop their imagination giving greater importance to creativity and time with themselves. In order to develop autonomy, encourage long-term attention, have expert storytelling and rich vocabulary to reinforce language and expression and help bring them organically closer to the world of stories, I will create QUENTINO.

Why is this a good option?

One of the most important things that I prefer to do is work to help education and take the time researching about kids. I met whit a great team who work about development of the imagination, I know that there are many options to do that but when I met them I feel that we would work together. I want to introduce all of you the work that they make on their platform. It is awesome! 🥰



This project is very interesting and Quentino is the perfect complement. About Cuentología; "Stories are one of the most used tools in child psychology, due to the simplicity of their application and the great acceptance they have on the part of children. Due to the immense connection that they have with fantasy and imagination, this instrument allows them to transfer what they have learned from the imaginary to reality, identifying with the characters and finding tools that will help them face the difficulties that arise. and all like playing!" It's very important to know how can I generate one alternative that will can promove all of these benefits to help the development of kids, I'm sure that at this space I can do it.


1. I have been able to investigate the importance of the project and sustain my proposal in the validation of professionals in the psychological area. This is why my proposal complements in a coherent way with the cuentology platform.
2. As part of the research I have received information on statistics, which allow me to know what would really need to be considered such as shape, size, material, versatility, mode of use, etc.
3. I have defined the system that my project requires even though I do not know everything about electronic components.

With the specialists

Why is important to me?

When I finish this project I want to continue researching on psychological support for children, it is important that now that they spend more time at home they can have an alternative that continues to develop their abilities and strengthen the management of emotions from an early age. Thanks to this proposal a more humane atmosphere will be created at home and conflicts will be resolved successfully.

How can I do it?

Each week I will work on a significant breakthrough, I will apply spiral development as it allows me to validate progress and improve my proposal.

My plan each week

Spiral model