Eighth Week


Eighth week and the classes continue to surprise me, every week there is something really new and above all complex for me, this time we continue with the part that for me is the most difficult of all, electronics, here I will show you a little of everything I did.
This week I have worked in greater depth the theoretical part because unfortunately the machine has had problems to perform new work, however I have generated a research on my components and circuits that I have been designing.

My week

New Toys

About my components, here in Lima I have only got a few, thanks to that I have been able to do different works but I take this opportunity to mention that this week, on Monday March 22nd I got a package from Barcelona with a very interesting kit of many things and tools that I have needed a lot, I am really happy about that and I show some pictures of what I have to work the rest of the Fab Academy. 🥰

My package


My first soldering kit 🥰

Digital Caliper

All components in the world

New tools


First Assignment

Individual Assignment

This week we have to read a microcontroller data sheet and program our board to do something, thanks to all the research and exploration of my components I achieved the goal, join me to see how I did it.

Working at Detonador Art Lab


Since on my board I have been using the ATtiny 85 I choose to make the explanation about this microcontroller, it was the only one I got in Lima so I adapted to it. To start knowing about it first it is important to know where they come from and who manufacture them so I will talk about Microchip, "Microchip is a well known company in the maker and DIY world, as it has a lot of products to create projects. It is famous for its programmable microcontrollers for all kinds of applications. Among its range of microcontroller products is the ATtiny85, a very practical MCU that you will want to use in your future work. In addition, you should know that Digispark also has boards or modules that integrate this ATtiny85 with some extra elements that are needed to start programming this device, such as the serial interface connection to pass the code to the memory of the device. Its low cost, tiny size, and compatibility with Arduino boards, make this board a good option." (Source)


So what is a microcontroller?

A microcontroller is an integrated circuit that contains a central processing unit (CPU), memory units (RAM and ROM), input and output ports and peripherals. These parts are interconnected inside the microcontroller, and together they form what is known as a microcomputer. A microcontroller is a complete microcomputer encapsulated in an integrated circuit.




ATtiny 85 detailed pinout

What does each one mean?

VCC - GND: They mean direct current voltage and ground respectively, the VCC usually means that you must connect the positive terminal of the direct current source you are going to use, in the case of GND it is a 0V reference.
PB0 - PB1 - PB2 - PB3 - PB4 - PB5: In this microcontroller every pin except power pin. ALL input/output pins are connected to bidirectional Input/output register through internal pull-up registers. Any pin can be used for input or output purpose but first, it should be described in a program which function it should follow.