Mechanical Design

This week we had to design a machine that includes mechanism, actuation and automation.
Our first idea was to build Pina Colada Machine, but after a quick discussion we, Lana Sattelmaier and Lars Mattern decide against it, due to some complications in the making, which would make the machine to complicated.
But we wanted to stick with a cocktail-machine, so we switch to a Tequila Sunrise, because it is much easier to mix.

Division of labor

As we had to work in different locations together, we divided the project and every one got one task.
I build the first iteration, the frame and mounted the pumps.
Lars worked on the electronics, which you can read HERE.
And Lana finished up the machine and made the first tests, which you can read HERE.
You can see our final result HERE.

Frame and pumps

As said before, I was in charge for the frame and the mount of the pumps.
For the Frame I used Makerbeams 10x10mm aluminium extrusion, from which I build a litte case, which could hold the pumps,has some space for the electronics and as not to big.
Down below you can see some images in different stages:

For more informations see the group page link bevore.