Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income

This week we have to develop a plan for dissemination of your final project and prepare drafts of your summary slide and video clip.

Dissemination Plan

Since the beginning of my project, every cat owner I spoke to was immediately hook onto my idea and a lot of them said, if there would be something on the market for a reasonable price, the would buy it.
As mentioned in some of my assignments, the are self cleaning cat litterboxes, which also track the habbits of the cats. But those are very expansice and I haven't found one that would measure the weight of the cats aswell.
Since measuring the weight of cats is very important for there health, and sometimes very hard to do, it would be a unique selling point.
Because of this I would imagin a hybrid way of marketing, as, for example, Prusa Research does with there 3D printer. You can by the system as akit or as a fuly functioning product, but if you want you can build it your own, since it is open source!

Therefore I License my Final und GNU General Public License v2.0:

- Commercial Use
- Modification
- Distribution
- Private Use
- Liability
- Warranty
- License and copyright notice
- State changes
- Disclose source
- Same license

Presentation Slide

As my Illustration won't import my images, seems to be an error with whatsapps compression algorythm, I used Powerpoint and exported my slide as PND.
In the export settings you have to set the image quality to high, else it will compress it to much and just won't look good^^

You will find the finished Version on my Finals Page.

Presentation Video

For my presentation I used Adope Premiere. As I haven't used it often bevore, I watched this Tutorial which helped a lot to get started.

You will find the finished Version on my Finals Page.