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Principle's Practices and project management

First week of the course it was kind of challenging but i tried to cope up with the atmosphere as fast as i can. we were introduced to the fab lab and asked to start a new website to document everything that we do in the lab.

Computer Aided Design

Second week it was and i find it more interesting as we go further. After the global session we were introduced to many rastor and vector softwares and also some 3D softwares.Our task was to try new softwares from each category.

Computer Controlled Cutting

Third week we got to learn more about the computer controlled cutting machines like vinyl cutter and laser cutter and was introduced to some new materials which is apt for the machines

Electronics Production

Fourth week, it got a little more interesting than the last weeks. I had no idea about anything which happened this week and so it was challenging and satisfying. we were asked to make an in-circuit programmer by milling PCB.

3D Scanning and Printing

Fifth week of Fab lab. our Assignments was to design and 3D print an object that could not be made subtractively and also to 3D scan and object and print it.

Electronics Design



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