Jacob Libby

Week 16

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Applications and Implications

A week dedicated to making progress on our Final Projects



What will it do?
It will set up timers for focused work time, and allow multiple people to create a shared timer
Who's done what beforehand?
There have been implementation of other Pomodoro timers, but none that I have found that include both hardware and creates a shared timer
What will you design?
A small tomato shape that will include microprocessors, LEDs, and a display
What materials and components will be used?
Electronics, soldering, CNC Milling, 3D printing, casting/mold-making
Where will come from?
I will be ordering parts off of amazon and digikey, as well as Adafruit and Sparkfun
How much will they cost?
Spreadsheet is attached HERE What parts and systems will be made?
I will be designing and soldering a circuit board, writing code
What processes will be used?

What questions need to be answered?
I am still deciding whether to use Radio communication with an RFM chip, or using an ESP32 to communicate over wifi through an SQL backend.
How will it be evaluated?
It will be tested for functionality and design.

Current Progress

I have put most of my focus into the UI, and have almost finished the UI for the devices. I have gotten this working using an Arduino, Joystick, and 128x64 OLED, and coded using Arduino.

I am now able to navigate the menu with the joystick and select an item in the menu. When the button on the joystick is pressed it selects the menu item and then the joystick will either increment or decrement the value for that menu item. Pressing the button again exits this mode and allows you to again navigate the menu.

I am still working on stress-testing this UI, and stream-lining the code. During this process, I have added limits so that the number of pomodoros and their durations have a minimum value of 1, while the length of break has a minimum value of 0.