MAY 2 2018
3d Printer frame (for clay)

Our group at Spinderihallerne decided to work on making a functional frame for 3D printer. This machine could fit different materials, among which a clay extruder. It will be a strong design challenge that combines technology, digital fabrication and traditional artistic techniques. Creating a classic handmade item through a mashine for sure is an innovation.Moreover, the challeges in terms of the difficulty of the extruded material and its preferences is also an extra challenge.

The initial inspiration came from the work of Jonathan Keep who created a clay 3d printed in delta form.

Useful documents about Delta Vs Cartesian 3D Printers:
A comparative Study of Cartesian and Delta 3D Printers on Producing PLA Parts

MAY 3 2018
Mechanical Design

below our manual test in order to check the proper movement of the axis:

Machine Design
Here you are some videos about the movement of our machine:

Materials and Parts

Original BOM


MAY 9 2018
work in progress

Progress Bar