Michael Edwards: Fab Academy 2019

Final Project


Individual Assignments:

  1. Produce a final project that integrates the range of units covered. Incomplete
  1. Project management
  2. item2
  3. item3
Pencil sketch of rocket telemetry idea 3D model of a water rocket.

Trello Board

Project management

Here is my Fab Academy 2019 Final Project Trello project management board.

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Footprints for Eagle

Library Loader from RS

When investigating the barometric sensor I downloaded the footprint file. To use this in Eagle I had to download and install an app called Library Loader (v2.43) which converted the .epw file from the RS page into an Eagle library.

Once the Library Loader app converts the file it is available in a library called SamacSys_Parts in Eagle. I added this library to the 'In Use' category within Eagle.

I can then see this part in the 'Add Part' dialogue.

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Problem 1

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