Michael Edwards: Fab Academy 2019


Fab Academy

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Language Reference - All the keywords for Arduino.
Foundations - Tutorials for Arduino.


Vimeo Album - My Fab Academy 2019 Vimeo album.
Software: Open Broadcast Software - Record or stream your screen. Cross-platform, open-source and it works brilliantly.
Software: Vegas Movie Studio 15 - Edit video.

Media Compression

Service: Compressify - Compress to .webm videos.
Service: Kraken - Free online image optimiser.


Shop: MakerBeam - Extruded beams for small projects.
Shop: Accu - Bolts, screws, etc.
Shop: Ooznest - All sorts of maker parts.


Hackster.io - Showcases/instructions for lots of projects.

Project Management

Service: Trello - Card-based project management.