Stuff I can do


I have been working with embedded electronics for about 7 years now. I am proficient in circuit design, PCB design & manufacturing, Embedded Electronics and sourcing components from Shenzen.


I have been working with robotics since my first semester of College and I participated in multiple local and International Robotics Competitions.

Content Writing

I have worked at an Advertisement Agency for two years. I picked up some content writing Skills from there. I try to write content on Instructables occasionally.

Lab Management

I helped set up multiple research Labs in Dhaka. I am good with inventory management and local sourcing of materials.

Wood Working

I have recently taken up Wood working, hoping to get better at it eventually.

DIY Enthusiast

I am an active member of the local Maker Community. I have helped hosting Arduino day multiple times in Dhaka. I take regular workshops on Electronics & Robotics for beginners.

Some of my Mentionable Work


Box of Internet

Sustainable community internet from tea stores.


BlackHorse Xtreme Explorer

High Altitude Balloon project for local beverage company..



Tactile feedback braille reader.