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This week I developed some sketches for final project ideas.

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Initial Ideas

For the final project, I have two ideas at this moment. I will be happy if I could accomplish any of them by the end of semester, make a combination of both, or create something totlly different, unexpected, (but nice) :D

Idea 1. A kinect Sculpture

I imagine the final outcome to be an three dimensional art object that moves on its own or with external force. It could be an individual piece, or a part from a larger stage set. It might have some meaning or not; some function or no funtion at all.

My main inspiration comes from the elegant and whimsical machines made by kinetic sculptor Arthur Ganson and geometric representations of human body from Oskar Schlemmer's Triadic Ballet.

Idea 2. An audiovisual controller

The second idea is to make an all-in-one type of interactive controller that generates graphics, sounds, or maybe movements according to viewer's position and movements. It could be used for home decoration, party entertainment or stage performances.

There is one existing example that I really like, DODECAUDION by panGenerator. It is spatial audiovisual controller based on such technologies as infrared distance sensors, arduino, bluetooth, processing and osc. I especially like how it is used on stage as a part of performance. It would be cool if I can make a controller with my version of graphics and sound.

The second idea requires higher level of audio/visual software skills for example using processing and Max/Msp, with each I have some beginner level knowledge so far but not proficient. This might be a good chance for me to dive deeper and learn how to connect them to work together.

(Updated 01.08.2019)

I am now more toward my second idea to use machine to make an instrument that can further be used as tool to create sound or graphics.

(Updated 03.20.2019)


Graphical sound / drawn sound:

is a sound recording created from images drawn directly onto film or paper that were then played back using a sound system. There are several different techniques depending on the technology employed, but all are a consequence of the sound-on-film technology and based on the creation of artificial optical polyphonic sound tracks on transparent film.

1930s Russian Drawn Sound:

(Updated 03.20.2019)