Interface and Application Programming

Group members

This week we were supposed compare as many tool options as possible.

Work description

We worked with three different tool options, the most common one in Fab lab Oulu was the Processing and Jari used Unity. We compared Python as well. The interfaces of these tools looked very different from each other.


The Unity is based on the C# or Javascript, but both Processing and Unity can be worked with C or derivative of it. In Unity, you can add different UI elements to the project. These UI elements can be connected by scripting with C# or Javascript. In Unity, the serial interface works in a very similar way to several other languages such as Python as it is done within the code. Not in the Unity itself.



In Processing the UI elements are objects, which are called from the code. It is similar to any other object oriented programming language.



With Python you can use any text editor or several different environments. In Python, the serial is opened almost the same way as any of the other tools we used. In this case we opened the Python file in Gedit.