1. Group Assignment

  • design a machine that includes mechanism+actuation+automatio
  • build the mechanical parts and operate it manually
  • document the group project and your individual contribution
1.1 Introduction

The hip fractures occur in the región of proximal femur. This tipy of fracture is common in elderly (over 65 year old). United States – 150,000 fractures annually.


The treatment for this type of fractures is surgical; where plates and screws or intramedullary devices are used.


This type of surgery needs devices to perform the procedure. The main device is "the orthopedic traction table".

The orthopedic traction table is a device that helps to correctly place plates and screws. The principle of operation, is to perform a traction on the leg. This allows the fracture to be placed in the correct position and to be able to perform the surgery.


These devices are essential for surgery. If this is not used, it is difficult to place the plates and screws, increasing the risk of failure and post-surgical complications.

Most public hospitals do not have this type of device. And that is why we rely on a prototype made in brazil. And it fulfills the same function; perform traction on the leg. This design is simple and inexpensive. ( more about it)


1.2 Desing and fabrication

We design and manufacture it in the FabLab tecsup. We use 3D printing and MDF, to perform prototyping. (click here)

"Files: Machine.stl

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