1. Group Assignment

  • Actuate and automate your machine
  • Document the group project and your individual contribution
1.1 Electronics of Orthopaedic traction machine
1.1.1 Fabduino Desing

Using an Atmega328l microcontroller, I designed a circuit for the programming and control of multiple inputs and outputs.

Schematic of the FabDuino

Board of the FabDuino

"Files: Fabduino

1.1.2 Bord of gyroscope

To control the inclination, we use an arduino gyroscope module (MPU6050l). This will be controlled by an Attiny45 microcontroller.

Schematic of the Gyroscope

Board of the Gyroscope

"Files: Gyroscope board

1.1.3 GRBL Shield for Fabduino

Schematic GRBL Shielde

Board GRBL Shield

"Files: GRBL Shield


1.1.4 Arduino Code

Arduino Code of Fabduino

"Files: fabduino code

Arduino Code of Gyroscope

"Files: Gyroscope code


1.1.5 Structure of the electronic design




1.2 Electronics of Orthopaedic traction machine

This is a prototype of an orthopedic surgery table. More about it

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