My name is Micky van Zeijl, I'm a lecturer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science. I teach courses in Design Ethics and Design Argumentation and a project about physical interaction.

Fab Academy Adventure

This is my Fabulous Fab Academy project page where I document everything for my Fab Academy. Here you can find my weekly assignments, my final project and a page about me.

Final Project

For my final project I would like to make a interactive tree that re-creates the feeling of lying under a tree looking trough the foliage at the sky and stars while you're in your own city home. The image on the left is inspiration for my project. It's a painting made by Piet Mondriaan in 1911 with the title *Gray Tree* it is exhibited at Gemeentemuseum in The Hague.

Weekly assignments

Every week I will post about my project development and about the assignment of that week. I created my own format that way I don't have to think about it to much each week.

Weekly planning

Every week I will make a planning of the things I need to do and learn. Based on the questions raised by the weekly assignment(s). I will try to sometimes look ahead for weeks to come and plan ahead. I will post this in my weekly planning. I hope this will keep me on track.

Almost each weekly assignment will have a link with my final project. I really want to incorporate this with my process and planning. Therefore I will mention the link with my final project for each assignment, and why I will do this.

Research and inspiration

Every week I will give an overview of the research I did. And I will show you how this research inspired me for my weekly assignment.

What I did – step-by-step

This part will describe my different iterations during the week. I will write down the steps I made towards the end result

What I did wrong – and how I solved it

Most important part of my process is to track the things that went wrong and how I solved these problems. This is the part where I learn the most.

What I learned

This section provides a summery of the things I learned from the step-by-step approach and my own mistakes

What made me proud!

I will finish my weekly assignment with the thing(s) that made me most proud and why this made me proud.


This is a reference list to all the people and works cited.