Hey, I’m Brigette!

We got a long way to go. The moutain is always growing and will never ever stop!

So, why am I doing FabAcademy? It’s kind of hard to pinpoint at first; I got a lot of reasons. I have a good amount of experience in the fabrication field already, almost since 6th grade. I was able to attend Fab14 in Toulouse, France and got the full STEM experience (and I also got to meet Neil Gershenfeld. I might be geeking out a bit.) I got to go to a fancy private school where I took Digital Engineering and an introductory course in how to use a FabLab called Learn to Make. I was stoked about Learn to Make since I’d just be repeating all the same stuff I had already learned, but just have a little more liberty to do my own thing. One thing I did not realize, however, is that I’d become an ‘instructor’ so to say. I was helping out a lot of my classmates, most of whom were disinterested in the topic. That was a prettu big jab at my heart, considering that I thought this was the coolest thing, but I guess it really wasn’t to everyone. Well, at least the process wasn’t fun. Everyone loved seeing the final verision of everything, but they never really appreaciated the process.

What’s it like using this?

A little bit about me:

Hello! My name is Brigette and I am currently a sophomore at Western Reserve Academy! I really love skiing, making, and playing ukulele even though I’m really bad at it! I’m also quite fond of studying since I really need to work hard in school to be able to pass, so why not make the whole thing mroe enjoyable and actually like the things I’m assigned to do every night! I also play on JV Volleyball, I fence, and play on JV lacrosse. I am a student of Matthew Gerber, a FabAcademy graduate and teacher at my school. [Here is his page from 2016.] (http://archive.fabacademy.org/2016/fablablccc/students/46/index.html) I took his class Digital Engineering and I am currently taking Advanced Digital Engineering.