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I'm José Florencio Marín Rodríguez.
I graduated as Mechanical Engineer with speciality in thermal and hydraulic machines, beside possessing the speciality in Digital Processes and finishing the Mastery in Architecture and Digital Manufacture, inside the University Anáhuac.

Managing machine - tool I Design and Implementation of Electrical, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Facilities. Design and Manufacture of Molds of 

Injection of Plastic. 

Design and Manufacture of Dies. 

Design and Herramental specialized Manufacture

My projects
Design and Installation of Factory To produce Tubs of Hydromassage

Design and Manufacture for Machines of Torn molded

Design and Manufacture of Machines for formed Thermos

Today collaborate in the FabLab city of Mexico of the School of Architecture in the University Anáhuac México, north campus: