The project

Precise Welding Positioning Robot. Is a test concept project, that could be a helpful industrial machine, to reduce the time needed to assemble a beam.

The machine, has a support for new plates. The robot takes the plates and place them over the beam at the programed position. Then, the welder can weld the plate on this position. No need to measure, marking or use adittional tools.

Reduce time

Put the pieces of a beam at the right position, is a really time consuming task on fabrication.

Improved precision

Use of a collaborative robot, can automate only the part of the task needs precision.

Enhanced safety

Less manipulation of heavy pieces, can reduce the risk of injury to the worker.

Progress of this week

The Fab Academy is a very intense course of 20 weeks. We learn digital fabrication principles an practices. Every week, we learn topics like computer aided design, electronics, computer controlled machining, 3d scanning/printing, and so much more.

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Project progress

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  • Design
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Electronics

Week 1

Principles and practices

Week 2

Project management

Week 3

Computer-aided design

Week 4

Computer-controlled cutting

Week 5

Electronics production

Week 6

3d scanning and printing

Week 7

Electronics design

Week 8

Computer-controlled machining

Week 9

Embedded programming

Week 10

Mechanical design

Week 11

Machine Design

Week 12

Ouput devices

Week 13

Molding and casting

Week 14

Input devices

Week 15

Wildcard week

Week 16

Networking and communications

Week 17

Interface and application programming

Week 18

Applications and implications

Week 19

Invention, intellectual property, and income

Week 20

Project Development

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