Project Development


  • Complete your final project, tracking your progress:
    - what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?
    - what's working? what's not?
    - what questions need to be resolved?
    - what will happen when?
    - what have you learned?

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

All I have to do is assemble the lamp with all the parts, insert the sensors into the bracket - the window. You can see all my progress and answers on Final project page.

What’s working? what’s not?

All sensors work, the OLED display shows the data that the sensors collect. Connecting a wifi connection to a mobile phone caused me some problems, but I managed to solve it with the help of a FabLab Barcelona instructors.

What questions need to be resolved?

In the future, the power supply problem should be solved so that the lamp does not have to be disassembled too much. For now, the power supply is via a 9.5 V battery.
It would be interesting to add solar power so you don’t have to think about replacing the batteries.

What will happen when?

My project could find a variety of uses.
First of all, as an aid for monitoring the breathing of people - that is, the absence of the same.
Since the lamp is functional as seen in my video, I can also use it for educational purposes.
It can serve as an inspiration to my students to dare their projects, to design and realize them.

What have you learned?

This was one amazing experience. It was both hard and instructive.
I’ve learned that even when I think I can’t take it anymore, I don’t need to give up, just reorganize and “add up”. I have learned new programs, new methods of fabrication, I have opened the door to the world of microcontrollers and I intend to open them even more.
I probably wouldn’t have done it if it weren’t for FabLab Academy or maybe sometime later.
I gained a lot of new knowledge, but I also raised the existing one to a higher level.
Once again I realized that there is no giving up but just persistence.
That’s why I want to thank everyone who made it possible for me.
I do not consider this to be the end but the beginning of a new very interesting journey.