3D Scanning and Printing

We can make Almost Anything

Weekly Task

Group assignment:

   Test the design rules for your 3D printer(s)

Individual assignment:
  •  3D scan an object (and optionally print it).
  •  Design and 3D print an object (small, few cm) that could not be made subtractively


ADDITIVE - It is a process of build any object in layer by depositing any material.
SUBTRACTIVE - a process by which 3D objects are constructed by successively cutting material away from a solid block of material.

Introduction of Machine

we have two 3d printer, one is Accucraft and another is Julia from Fracktal Works. Personally,I have used both the Accucraft and Julia machines, but I have mostly worked on Julia printer. From setting up to its setup. I have solved some problems in spite of any difficulty. 3d printer is my favorite machine.beacause it has good standardization about maintain origin and and direct follow the gCode. No need to fix the origin and easily controllable. for making gCode we are using Fracktory 2.0 software for main slicing according to the origin and code.

We are using Julia for maintain and finishing our group assignment about Designing rules about 3D printer.Most of the cases we are using Julia by fracktal (software) for completing our group and individual assignment.

  • Bed size of Julia is 210*250*260mm
  • filament diameter is 1.75mm
  • Printing material - ABS, PLA, carbonfill(ABS), Copperfill(PLA), Creoflex, Woodfill(PLA),etc.
  • The printer software supports .stl and .obj files via USB or SD card.
  • Nozzle diameter is 0.4mm
  • nozzle temperature for PLA material: 210°C.
  • bed temperature for PLA material: 60°C.

  • We used these tools when using Julia Printer.

    Here Started Group Assignment

    In group my classmates,we will first check the design rules for our printer. We downloaded a Test File from Thingiverse that has several aspects for testing the printing quality of the machine. We used Julia printer with nozzle diameters (0.4mm), but same material (PLA), layer height, printing speed and temperature. The line width' setting was set accordingly to each nozzle (0.4mm).

    Machine Settings

    This machines setting shows the how to move X,Y and Z axis.how to set nozzle and bed temperature.how to extrude material manually.

    What we Tested?
  • Z-Height Check
  • Warp Check
  • Spike
  • Hole in wall
  • Raft Test
  • Minimum wall thickness
  • more Overhang Steps 50° - 70° (needs special care, like cooling)
  • 2 different extrusion widths: 0.48mm & 0.4mm

  • In this test,We printed this file in two Quality first printed in fast Print and second printed in Normal Print without support.After printing this two files.we checked result. We got a result.In Normal print we got any error but In fast print Overhang was not printed very well.

    we also tested differnet things.


  • a.Infill Test
  • b.Hole Test
  • Infill Test We are doing Infill test by making four cube according to the printing setup, like fast printing, Normal printing, Hard printing and finally Ultra printing. Here we can saw the scale is high in the fast printing rather than the other like ultra in minimum thickness. why actually its happened beacause the size of the nozzle. The quality of the printing beacause its actually doing thickness parameter with different wall thickness.

    We drew 20mm X 20mm box using OpenSCAD.

    The next we performed was the quality test. Gcode for Julia is made by Frackory software, The interface is rather simple.


    Then we checked the quality of each boxes.here,we understood minimum thickness Layer of each box which is differnt.like fast print gives big distance layer and Ultra print gives small distane with thin surface.

    when we printed part tested on Vernier.We got different values of each quality.like in Fast print we got a 20.05mm value out of 20mm X 20mm and in ultra quality print we got 19.90mm out of 20mm X 20mm box size.

    Hole Test In this Hole Test we want see that how was the print looking and what is the difference are show in the object in different hole diameter.Firstly we started from 0.5mm diameter to 5mm diameter.Here we used Extrude Cut Cammand for making holes.

    Here,In same design We used Extrude Boss Cammand for giving height.After printing this test file, we understood how much the line thickness should be given when designing.but in this test after printing this file we measure of each cylinder line it can not get a proper value.it means my diameter was 5mm but it gives a value like 4.77mm. and one more was a thin line(0.5mm)automatically removed early beacuse of small Thickness.

    Resolution test we concluded regidity is diretly proposional to thickness.

    Here,is the all students 3D Printed Parts.

    Individual Assignment

    Print an object which is not possible to print substratively Bracelet using Mobius Geometry

    Mobius is a surface with only one side and only one boundary. I was going to Mobius band,I made many Jewellery designs.but this time I decided to made bracelet design with unique design.

    1.For Making this design I used Solidworks I started my design.Firstly Selected Front Plane.then took circle with my hand size diameter 80mm.clicked on Exit SketchSelected Top Plane and then took Triangle shape and drew on end point of circle.clicked on exit sketch.

    2.I used Swept Boss/Base cammand.after clicked on this cammand you saw in left panel.here,I selected Profile Oriantation was Follow path. then second one was profile twist was Specify Twist Value for creating mobius geometric shape. then gave a direction in 360 degree.

    3.Selected Front and top plane for giving centre Axis.then Right clicked and Hide Edges.and clicked on exit sketch.

    4.Made triangle in 3D sketch using Offset Entities cammand. then Used Fillet cammand.then drew a circle at the end of triangle. After used Linear Pattern cammand. Then I right clicked on edge and closed loop.

    5.Made all circle 3D sketch.

    6.After completing this stuff.I used Curve Driven pattern for making pattern.

    7.Design is Ready to print.

    8. Load that .stl file in fractal and select the PLA material and Normal print. Save the file in SD card.

    9.First I cleaned the bed and add glue for proper attachment of the object with the bed. printer bed going to heating up, is around 210 degree and then nozzle goes to 60 degree. then the machine start automatically.

    After putting in the hand

    Here I try to demonstrated three different designs for making by 3D printer by 3D design, where this is making by 3D printing called additive technology, This is not possible to make it by substractively. Now I'm making this all design as additive according to the slicer gCode.

    Why it not made by subtractively?

    Mobius geometry is a only one surface and only one boundary.So,In this design many overhang and and mesh.The overhang and mesh in mobius geometry can not be subtrctively designed.3D printer of any 3 axis can print better than the milling machine. While taking the curve parts in 3d it takes support but can not afford it in the milling machine

    When I search differnt design on thingivers.I liked Interlocks designs.its moves everywhere easily. Then I decided to making this,for making this I used Solidworks.I drew a paramatric design for making interlocks. First I take a circle.then drew a circle on end points of circle and used Cut revolved cammand.

    also drew a one more circle in centre of circle.used Fillet Cammand.

    For locking two object I made a connectors with adding kerf.

    Open .stl file in fractory 2.0 Software.

    After printing I want different parts.so,this parts we can assembly any type.so here I tried to making Neckless.

    Advantages of 3D printing
  • You can make what ever you have imagined and design in CAD. It is very easy to print and use. instead of manufacturing you can build and creat your own things. You can devolope your creativity.
  • Limitations of 3D printing
  • 3D printed parts are bit costly other than any metal. it is also time taking process. and after a certian point the matrial can not sastain.
  • 3D Scanning

    For 3D scanning,We have " Sense 3D Scanner".it is the one of the most easy to use and handy. scanner.I downloaded "Sense" Installation file.

    Scan Volume:
  • 0.2m x 0.2m 0.2m (min) (Lower the better) and 2m x 2m x 2m (max) (Higher the better)
  • Depth Resolution at 0.5m: 1mm
  • Spatial X/Y resolution at 0.5m: 0.9mm

  • Firstly I downloaded software and Installed it using giving code. then run it on my laptop with plug in Scanner. For the first time.I decided to scan my head part.so,my colleagues Aditi and Hemang have helped me to do scanned part.Hemang,he was stationary and I was moving the scanner manually around him. This proved harder that expected.then he has seated on Rotational stool and scanner Stable one Place. When we scanned at a time sense software gaves Output was scanned file good or bad.

    Select the required option from them i.e if you want to scan human then choose the human and if its any thing then choose the object option.

    If you have selecting the object then next question is small, medium or large object.

    I scanned object which is Ganesh Murti.When I scanned object I get more difficulties to scanned.During scanning I face a problem which was to scan alone quit impossible beacuse during the scanning if the object are misplace then it stop the scanning and start to rescan.

    First attempt I got lost Tracking.

    After Scanning....

    My colleagues Hemang was helped me to did scanning.

    First Attempt we saw my one hand was not scan properly.then it stop the scanning and start to rescan.So and another thing was light which is reflected on the face where hard to difficult to trace.then we changed our place which is white colour on light.

    then I edit it and soildify it.

    Advantages of 3D scanning

    Scanner Quickly capture all of the physical measurements of any physical object. It Saves time in design work. We can easily Replace missing or older parts without CAD design.

    Learning Outcomes

    This week was very nice because I like 3D printer. I already familiar with 3D printer so I decided to print different small object but really useful. About scanning , I think this is not precise method because its depend upon various factors like stability of scanner, surface of object,etc.

    You can Download Original Files HERE.