javi albo

fab academy 2018

Fab Lab Barcelona

Hi! My name is Javi and I am an architect from Barcelona, recently graduated from ETSAB (UPC-BarcelonaTech). I also spent one year as an exchange student in Tokyo (Japan), where I had free access to a laser cutter machine. It was then when I discovered how interesting and fun it is to work with these kind of machines and decided to learn more about digital fabrication tools.

I also like making light installations for light festivals in different cities (check them out here!). I am sure Fab Academy will increase my skills so I can find new ways of doing. Light is such an interesting material with so many possibilities to explore!

final project

0 principles and practices
1 project management
2 computer-aided design
3 computer-controlled cutting
4 electronics production
5 3D scanning and printing
6 electronics design
7 computer-controlled machining
8 embedded programming
9 molding and casting
10 input devices
11 output devices
12 interface and application programming
13 networking and communications
14&15 mechanical design & machine design
16 wildcard week
17 aplications and implications