javi albo

fab academy 2018

Fab Lab Barcelona

Barcelona. Architect and designer.
Optimist. Natural. Curious. Love for detail. Intrigued by nature and evolution. Fascinated by light, movement, sound, texture, taste, smell and anything that stimulates our senses. Interested in innovation for developing a captivating design. Not everything has been invented!

Check my works or write me at albo.javi[at]gmail.com


final project

0 principles and practices

1 project management

2 computer-aided design

3 computer-controlled cutting

4 electronics production

5 3D scanning and printing

6 electronics design

7 computer-controlled machining

8 embedded programming

9 molding and casting

10 input devices

11 output devices

12 interface & application programming

13 networking and communications

14&15 mechanical & machine design

16 wildcard week
(laser welding)

17 aplications and implications

18 invention, intellectual property & income

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