James Moore

About Me

I am a student of Digital Music and Sound Arts at The University of Brighton, with a background in music and fine art. I'm a musician, producer and visual artist, increasingly incorporating new media and making into my work, branching into generative music and sound using Pure Data. I have an interest in philosophy and art thoery, using concepts to consider the ways in which our society develops, often through technological advancement, within the context of our past whilst being open minded about the future.

My final project is a D.I.Y. gestural glove controller. I have discussed my ideas, designs and fabrications with Dr. Kelly Snook, one of my Fab Academy instructors and co-creators of of the mi.mu glove, a pre-existant glove that has greatly inspired my project to create a more accessible D.I.Y product. All my files can be found at the bottom of each page.

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