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Join The Resistance : Eradicate Homelessness From Planet Earth, Unless You Got A Ticket From Elon Musk To Go To Mars!

Vision:To have sustainable future for all and address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.

Note: picture taken from google search

UN Sustainability Goals

What Is HomelessNess

You can find many definition on web but for me its a crime for which there are no courts and no hearing. So starting a resistance to change things, to be a voice for people who have no voice. You are welcome to join.

If You Decode Below Poem Than You Are The Resistance

Oh Tiny Spec
This arrogance....and the ignorance
This dream of accumulation
This dream of having more and more
This sickness of i am better than someone else
May the light shine taking away that ignorance
To show that you are reaping what you sowed
To show you the mirror
To show that you are just a tiny spec in this vast cosmos
To show thats it’s you who is causing havoc across the planet
So It’s time for coming back home
By asking the fundamental question “Who Am I ?”
May you stop monkeying around
May you get down the tree and look around
May you evolve into a human being
May you include another life as part of you
May all your illusions of me fade away
May you know the truth that it is you, it was you and always have been you!

Note: picture taken from google search