First week was to find a idea of a final project. I was thinking about the three R: recycle, reuse and reduce.
But had also interest in a lighting influenced by sound. After some thought and a problem to circle it down I came down to a clock.

Not decided on a final look, but I have thought of creating light that will change color by sound.
It will contain a microphone, speaker, LED light or string. Will use an plugged in or battery for energy source.
Will use 3D printing, Shopbot and laser to design a look.
Have not decided what kind of an a equipment to use for programming because I do not have enough knowledge in that area, but I will learn about it.

Here are some pen sketches...

As to how my weekly assignments could be implemented into my project. I will use the input/output week to design my mic and led, also will I use the laser triout to test my wood and plexy gluing. Mabay I can to use something big to test my frame in the Shopbot.