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What I am all about.

I am Aby Michael, a wannabe Entrepreneur who eagerly wants to improve his skillsets in building things. I have graduted in Mechanical Engineering from Government Engineering College Calicut, Kerala on 2014. Later I have worked as a Quality Engineer in Tankage project for 1 year at Reliance Refineries and then as Engineering Underwriter at Allianz undertaking the Engineering Inspections at UK till i joined Fab Academy . I always wanted my ideas to be alive and to prototype my ideas I need skillsets. An imagination of a drawing doesn't make an Art, it requires a paper, paint, brush and a certain skillset to become an Artist and I aspire to be an artist in my field. I hope to build my own Company that can bring changes to the society. I am very excited for this opportunity here to learn and make almost anything and I am looking forward for the best.

Week 1 : Principles and Practices 70%
Week 2 : Project Management 90%
Week 3 : Computer Aided Design 30%
Week 4 : Computer Controlled Cutting 70%
Week 5 : Electronics Production 60%
Week 6 : 3D scanning and Printing 0%
Week 7 : Electronics Design 0%

Week 4 : Computer Controlled Cutting

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Week 5 : Electronics Production

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Week 6 : 3D scanning and Printing


On Progress

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