Ambitious intellectual, always looking forward to improving myself and widen my knowledge. Passionate about designing. Skilled in tooling, design engineering and problem solving . A good team player with great organizing and communication skills. Driven by the thirst to seeking knowledge and growth in experience.


Week1 | Final Project Selection

Week 2 | Project Management

Week 3 | Computer Aided Design

Week 4 | Computer Controlled Cutting

Week 1

Final Project Selection

Objective: To come up with an idea and a sketch for the final project.

Result: The Final Project Tab

Week 2

Project Management Through Web Development

Week Objective: To learn and understand the programming language HTML used to build web pages. And to be able to upload it to the internet using Git software. Then to apply our practice and acquired knowledge to create our own website. This website – the one you are browsing now – is built to present our personal profile and document our experience throughout the program of Fab Academy.

final result: This WebSite!

Week 3

Computer Aided Design

Week Objective: To learn and use 3 different softwares, two for 3D design and one for 2D design. And apply our leant knowledge in designing our final project. The design must be parametric. .

final result: Softwares used are: SolideWorks, Fusion 360 and Adobe Illustrator.

Week 4

Computer Controlled Cutting

Week Objective: To learn how to operate the laser cutting and the vinyl cutting machines. For the vinyl cutter, to print and cut a designed poster. For the laser cutter, to cut and assemble a press fit construction.

Final Result: The body of the droid for the final project was built.

Final Project

Literate Droid

After a while of brain storming and sketching thoughts for the final project, seeing a picture of a robot next to a picture of a book sparked in my mind the idea of creating a robot that could read.
The first phase of the project is to figure how the system is going to work. The sketch demonstrates the basic plan I have; scanning the page > converting the image into a text file > reading the text > repeating the process on turning a new page.

The box in the sketch is the control system, which is the main challenge for me. I need to learn and come up with a good solution to connect the camera to a conversion application then sending the info to a reading application, and finally connect that to the audio speaker.

for flipping the pages, this video suggest a good mechanism that could be used.

The second phase would be (if the first phase was succesful in time) to build a humanoid robot that can carry out the system built in phase one.


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